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NEWS FLASH!   Room 11 (that’s 5 & 6 together) are off to camp at Waitomo for a variety of adventures from October 24 to 26. Mark these dates in your diary.

I’m hoping to post a photo story about how we made Anzac biscuits very soon. It was loads of delicious fun with everyone very much involved either as bakers or photographers. The kids photos are great and we’re all looking forward to seeing them on our blog. The problem is that I have one computer that won’t read my photo card automatically any more and a laptop that refuses to have anything to do with memory sticks. Talk about annoying!

In the meantime out Hundertwasser art exploration is almost finished and photos from that will appear magically asap. Very colourful and decidedly whacky. Those of you who have visited the public toilets in Kawakawa will understand. If you haven’t been there Google them to see some of Hundertwasser’s design work. 

MOTE last term (The  Fresh and Happy Food 4 Kids Company) was about communication and the importance of eating healthy food. There should be some photos somewhere near or on this page! This term we become investigators with an emphasis on some near-by history. The story will be revealed in a later blog.


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